Friday, February 25, 2011

***Competition*** Name the birdy * Mrs Oswald Owl * WIN a baby owl brooch!!

Well, those of you who have noticed my makings recently, may have also noticed a mention of a competition. Since making Oswald Owl, I've been very keen to keep at this brooch making & perfect it somewhat. That's where Mrs Oswald Owl comes in. She will be the very first little Owl brooch to be going into my little shop on Folksy.

And here's where I need your help. Mrs Oswald Owl, is Oswald's wife. She doesn't have a name just yet. I need you to name her. So, here's the plan... you suggest a name, on this blogpost, twitter me, facebook or email marthamoopette (@) gmail dot com and the competition will end midday on Sunday 27th, where I will pull the lucky winner's name out of a hat. The winner will be very lucky to not only get to name the Owl brooch going into my shop, but also receive a little triangle baby Owl brooch (all completely handmade btw), that I will send direct to your little housey.

Names that have been suggested already (that I will enter) are "Osmerelda", (MadebyDolly), "Virginia" (Wonder Maguire), "Octavia" (theothermousie) and "Olivia", (ThisGirl_is).

Just to jog your memory, here's Oswald. Want to know a little bit more about Oswald & his oddities. He's a bit of an odd little Owl really.

Oswald showing off.

Just so you can see how big he is...

Mrs Oswald Owl... in need of a name.

So, do join in friendlies. Get naming that Owl. (She's practically double the size of Oswald BTW - As Alexander McCall Smith would call "traditionally built). There'll be many more of Oswald's family going in my shop over the next couple of weeks.

Things seem to be a little bit Oswald crazy over the past week. He even has three blogspots dedicated to him now... However, more news in this crazy household... we have our event coming up very soon at Bridport Arts Centre which should be a jolly good entertaining evening. I'll be projecting a new video piece onto the front of the building (which I have yet to make).

And... I've also been making a new cake tier tray...

And just for fun... we went rambling yesterday around an old Castle site and to see a big rude chalk boy on the side of a hill...

Vulnavia & myself running through the trenches.

Couldn't resist the hue/saturation colours.

How nice would this look on a wall!?!

And Mr Rude Boy.

Looking forward to all the name suggestions!! Good luck everyone!
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