Friday, February 18, 2011

The Snail that came for tea & Oswald's makeover.

One poorly lass and one bouncing off the walls (yep, she's all better now) have found a little snail this afternoon in one of their buckets. He's a nice little fellow but snail politics have arrived between this 4 and 6 year old about how and where he should the garden he shall shortly be going...

Mr Snail...

 Thinking about it, in the late hours of last night, whilst writing up Oswald's hobbies, I mentioned the possibility of other little animal creatures (was thinking brooches) appearing, but lo and behold, perhaps it's Celandine.

Hello...I'm a little snail...Celandine the snail.

Oswald & his makeover

Celandine & Oswald, making friends.

It's a good job he's going to be in the garden soon. Last time we found some baby snails we put them in a (fairly big) jar with some leaves and added a wee bit of water for moisture, (and lid with holes in) only to forget about them and find them pretty much liquefied. Yeah, nice.

Moving on... well, Oswald's all finished now with his little wings, beak and feet. And he's much happier about it too. So, shortly look out for some more of Oswald's friends appearing in my Little Bitty Pretty One Shop.

Had better go, Oswald's trying to open his bottle of martini and I think it's still a bit early for that.

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