Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knickers to Niche??


Yep, big massive comfortable, making you feel secure knickers! I've had massive bees in my bonnet recently and they're stinging. Probably just my little voice in my head on overdrive, going a little crazy.

And it's all to do with this word NICHE

That five letter word has had my head spinning like I'm on a constant Waltzer, making me feel more and more sick with each thought.

Sooooo... what the hell's my niche? I know I do quite a lot of different things and so I've been thinking perhaps it's maybe too much really? Remember my guest post over at Rosalilum? It's here! It was all about my aspirations and shows pretty clearly that I like to do lots of things and I'd like to be lots of things. Ambitious? Yes. Stupid?  Yes Probably... (?)

I recently had to write an application and was asked what my main craft is. Well... where was I to begin? Looking around my blog you can see that I pretty much love to do lots of different crafty and arty things, as  well as film-making, (which I've won awards for and everyfink).

HOWEVER I am incredibly passionate about ceramics. That is what I would love to be my main craft, (as I daydreamed away in the Aspirations post). I finally felt that I'd found something that made all of my senses go bonkers and tingle all over. I finally felt that I was home. I'd found it!! AT LAST! But lack of pennies don't really allow this right now. 

Am I still ambitious and passionate? Well... hmmm ... it's just one of those things. I have a little feeling, one day it will happen. I'm just going to have to make it happen.

But back to the rut... this Niche?! Do we need to have a niche to get somewhere? Will people prefer our stuff/works if we just concentrated on one area? I don't know the answer... but sometimes I think it's not getting me anywhere.
Take my little shops on etsy & folksy par example... (See how many bees I have swarming up here?! Phewph!) They aren't as full as I'd like them to be, but something holds me back from filling them up anymore.
I haven't sold one little thing. Zilch. This makes me think, I'm either not doing the right thing, there's too many different things in there which put people off, or they're just crap and rubbish and no good (where's the dustbin anyone!?). Don't worry, I'm not holding flash cards with "Awwwww" on them!

Is it a niche thing I wonder? Or do I just say knickers to niche and carry the Little-Bitty-Pretty-One on, doing what I'm doing, making a whole range of different things, in millions of different creative areas?

I might not get anywhere, people might hate and never buy a thing, but at least I'll have fun along the way and still be me, myself, Miss Moopette a la Moopette Maison. (And skint).

You see ... I don't think it would be me, if I did just do one thing. For instance I don't think my attention span could handle it! So ... it seems it is knickers to niche. Looks like you may have to just put up with me and my non-niches and knickers!

Missy Moopy

P.S. Have you seen what I've done to my blog? Hopefully it will attract these bees around my brain!


Trashsparkle said...

Sometimes it feels like people get further by doing "one thing", but I think if your inspiration is so varied that you can turn your hand to anything thats even better! Anyway, you cover more bases that way = more chance of people liking, and buying, something that you make! Of course, with your lovely knicker sketch now posted, everyone will be expecting an underwear line now!

VeganCraftastic said...

I love your blog background - very cute!

I forget to floss said...


Sorry it has taken nearly a whole week to come and say hi and OHHHH I LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND, but I've been a worker bee myself.

I have been pondering niches too. I don't really fit into just one either but I quite like it. I mean niches are pretty small and you don't have much room to move (I know i'm taking the metaphor very literally).

So I say, damn them pidgeonholing people and be as many different things as you want to be.

(and Van Gogh never sold anything EVER and he did all right) xx

Miss Moopette said...

Thanks for the wonderful messages. Knickers? Huh?! I shall get sketching! :~}

It is a tricky one this niches thing isn't it?! And yes! Here here! I just need to stick at it!!

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