Monday, April 7, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

A little film Unfolding...

On the evening of March 15th, whilst we were in Rotterdam there was a wonderful event organised by De Player which showcased our new pop-up book alongside some rather fantastic forms of entertainment... (which I shall elaborate on when I'm not supposed to be finishing the edit of a new film that's premiering on Saturday night).

This is a little rather beautiful video made from the event and as you can see, myself, the fella and our kids pop up throughout...

unfolding (fragment) from fcr on Vimeo.

Also, if you're in or around Bridport, it'd be wise not to miss our next event this Saturday. It'll be the sixth IF evening and it seems to be becoming more and more popular as the month's go by. Our New Year IF (The End is Nye) was a huge triumph and even included a marching band to the local square to celebrate the chimes of the bells at midnight.

Here's a nice little video from the last IF (NYE)...

This time around.... this is what's happening...

Bridport's popular “IF” evenings of music & entertainment from the wrong-side of the tracks continues in its 6th incarnation on Saturday March 22nd at the Chapel in the Garden, East Street.

Following the success of their epic New Years Eve party, IF returns with special guests VIALKA, a music & theatre group hailing from France, presenting their “A l'abri des regards indiscrets – a Minimalist Dinner Opera” - “palaver, cuisine and sex are melted into sounds, rhythms, and a particular transnational sense of humour, a breathless, ridiculous and nasty dual in which things no longer seem to make sense and both parts are slowly destroyed.”

Also served on the menu are Greater Than or Equal To (the duet of Simon Mathewson and Bridport's most famous man Flora Bertolli), in a special collaboration with local musical wizards Robert Lee and Jane Saunders.

For dessert, a slice of composer, writer and collagist Ergo Phizmiz, performing his usual broth of songs, readings, cover versions, gramophone records, and goodness knows what else.

Don't miss this opportunity to taste this fine menu of contemporary art, theatre and music, with the customary dose of mischief and playfulness that makes these evenings so unique. If you value surprise, unpredictability, and invention, don't miss out. Tickets for this banquet of ideas are £5, including a lovely finger-buffet. How can you resist?

Oh...and a little 3 minute treat frrom Martha Moopette and Nicky Mathewson

I'm hoping to make a treat of a video after the event, but it'd be even better if you can make it!

Hope to see y'all there. There's a blog all about the IF parties just here!

Monday, March 17, 2014

UOEPOPIAUPERA - Finished POP-UP Opera Book

We've made it!! After lots of hard work from everyone involved we have our finished product.

UOEPOPIAUPERA - Limited edition (12 pieces) pop-up book, notes / performance score, and transparent 10" lathe-cut vinyl, developed, built and released with the marvellous folk of DePlayer, Rotterdam.

We get the overnight ferry back tonight and our Rotterdam pop-up book making week will all seem like a wonderful hardworking dream.... aaaah. That is life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hallo from Rotterdam again...

Well hallo there.

I haven't been around for a very long time and it's been a very crazy and full 5-6 months.

Coincidentally though, I was talking all about the yodelling show (UOEIA) we were performing last year, in the very last blog post I did. And it just so happens that we're in Rotterdam again and this time we're here to make a pop-up book with Deplayer.

Here are a few photos of today's activities...

Laying the prototype pages out


And more!

The kids hard at work...

Table sitting

More table sitting and more helpers




We only arrived yesterday morning, straight off the over night ferry and on with the ideas/planning/techniques. Today was mostly elaborating on the basic ideas from yesterday's very basic "mock-up pop-up" and working on the more intricate designs of each page and figuring out how the pop-ups will actually work. We made quite good progress today and will begin with the proper printing tomorrow morning and begin making the 10-12 books (we had originally thought it was going to be 40 - but as we only have until Saturday 12 is much more realistic!) to be exhibited this coming Saturday at an event at Deplayer called (un)FOLD(ing).

So...that's that. And we're here. And you're there. And I'm going to be now. Night night.

All photos were taken by Koos Siep

Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is what my house...

... is extremely full of (bursting with) at the moment. It's very lovely and warming and  a tad nerve racking. We're off on Thursday and will be away for almost a week, travelling around the country, performing this very special show - UOEIA.

This is the same show that we premiered in Rotterdam back in May. There was this post of How Rotterdam Went and before this post The Premiere of UOEIA

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