Friday, February 18, 2011

Oswald The Owl

Meet Oswald the Owl.

My new half finished brooch. He's a little bit square, in both senses of the word, but he's a jolly little companion to have about, especially on bleak winter days. (Hurry up Spring!!) He is a funny one. Not even finished and he was bug bug bugging me to show him off. Could I refuse? No.

He is a bit on the shabby side of chic and looks to have possible fallen out of a tree as an egg...but I shan't be telling him this. 

His hobbies (which he was keen for me to share) are late night fishing trips, unicycle riding, weaving, tennis, draughts, mouse-hunting, sword fighting, sock knitting, reading Edward Lear, singing into a hairdryer (? ... no... i don't know either.. ) martini drinking, playing catch the baby owl (dangerous? much!) social networking sites, playing snake on his phone (so ten years ago), eating pansies, cutting people's long hair in their sleep (I told him out straight that this was weird, he argued about getting bored being up through the night all the time while all his friends were asleep)...and picking pears.

You know, I'm sure that he's got many other little friends that may appear (and be as wonderfully weird), suchlike Celandine the Snail, Wonda the Whale, Penelope the Pigmy,  Meredith the Mongoose or Kenneth the Kingfisher perhaps.

So who says here here to Oswald and his oddities?? I think he needs a big cheer for making it even this far in life. Here here Oswald. Here here.

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