Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner iiiis....

(She already knows it...) ...Trashsparkle, from over here! With the winning name (OONA!) being pulled from a hat by Talulah.

We laid them all out. Just because. We had 10 entries!!

In the hat they go!

Talulah getting ready to pick the winning ticket! (And in need of a fringe trim! )

Here's a little clip to show you exactly how it happened!

The Golden Ticket!!
And so, there we have it. Our first little competition!

Oona Owl, as promised is now in my folksy shop, looking lovely next to my porcelain dishes. Also as promised, Trashsparkle will receive a little Owl in the post, (which I'm not going to show on here until I've posted it's a surprise!!). In the post tomorrow!

Oswald, yet again is having a bit of a makeover in readiness to go in the shop too. I'll also be adding an option for custom mades on there too!


Trashsparkle said...

Ooh la la - I've never been "announced" before! What a fun competition - good luck with your etsy shop. And thank you to Talulah for swishing the hat and picking me out.

Miss Moopette said...

Just off to the posty now to send it to you! :~}

Trashsparkle said...

Thank yoo - Olivia arrived yesterday; she's so cute and gorgeous!

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