Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oooooooooooo Hello

 Good evening all.

It would be brilliant if this little blog here was a tad more consistent... but life never is... so there's not really any point in apologising... because I suppose it's never going to change... just yet!

We're off to Holland tomorrow for the next three shows of The Third Policeman. It's going to be quite an adventure. Eight of us (inc. two kids) will be going on the trucker's ferry over to The Hook of Holland and performing the first show at 10pm that night. Eeeek... we still haven't packed and I haven't been feeling all too well so I hope I'll be able to relax and enjoy the time we have there without feeling too grim.

And when we get back we'll be getting ready for the night we've organised, How To Say To at Bridport Art Centre (10th December) which we'll be opening with the Opera too. So that should be a jolly good festive night with lashings of mulled wine and mince pies!

And now... to round this little posty up, here's some random pics from over the past month or so...

A horse
Lamps in Liverpool
Kids in venues hanging around.

Travelling in style on the trains with the heads.
Oblivian & Erik with the head.
Touring kids
During the show. Mr Phizmiz behind the projection.
Mr Phizmiz arresting Sergeant Dr Who.

I'll hopefully get some good images to put up from our trip to Holland. Now... my head's hurting again so I'm going to scoot.


Unknown said...

Lovely photos - I hope you have a wonderful time in Holland (or at least lots of fun!)

Flora said...

Love the new look blog - and great to see some of the behind the scenes pictures of the shows. Your kids are real troopers with all that travelling and hanging around, they're such little stars. Good luck in Rotterdam x

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