Friday, February 11, 2011

A bit of a tease...

I just very randomly came across some photos I didn't know (remember??) existed of my ceramics. I'm afraid the stoneware hand-thrown pieces are the one and onlys in the world, which I'm not so keen on parting with, (although many people have said they would buy them). So...just a bit of a tease to put them on here, to show you my wares, just in case one day, dreams come true and I can purrrrchase a wheel and get back to it and spread my mug love about.

Hand thrown teacups & teapot.


Small handless teacup

You know when your own work makes you go "Mmmmmmm" ... this is just one of them.

Stoneware hand-thrown

Ready-made vintage cake tier tray - yep they don't come apart!!

Slip moulded mugs, that for some reason...remind me of the sea.

Slip-mould Hattermugs

Hattermug that mattersmug

Lovebug Hattermug

Chipper Hattermug

Ruby honey stoneware mugs.

And everyone needs a bit of felt love.

Hand felted bowls

1 comment:

Lisa-Marie said...

Beautiful! Your teapot is a work of art!

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