Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you look through my window... will find many things going on.

Here are some of those things...

Our happy cat with a pants hat...

Glittery girl





Stop taking photos of me mum...

Chilli Oil I made for my lovely friends for Christmas

Forgot to make some for us though!

We had Christmas... Don't we look jolly?! Love how we're both frowning...

I bought some coloured lampshades. We now live in an orange room.

Mary came for Christmas and rang relatives to let them know Jesus had arrived...

Our happy Cat enjoying the Christmas celebrations

I had a birthday and ate lemon meringue & discovered no one else in my house liked it

Roo was a blue Dragon for NYE

And Talulah a Pussy Cat

Made a spinning sheep mobile for the video projection for Gargantua

The Wolf Mask Template I made for Gargantua that ended up breaking!

There's loads of other things going on as usual. Lots of making for Gargantua. Lots of exercise. Lots of snotty noses and lots of being ill. Nice.

Do check out the Gargantua blog here for an up to date progress of the project and team.

Hope you're all jolly and well. Can't wait for gloomy rainy January to be over.

How's your January been?

Moop. x

1 comment:

Unknown said...

It loks like a lot of fun!

January started well and then rapidly deteriorated. I'm so stoked for February though. xx

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