Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Weird Characters Have Been Hanging Around Town...

To promote the show next Saturday, I volunteered to wear one of the Detective's heads around town on Saturday when the market was in full swing. I'm definitely feeling it now though.

Spot the Phizmiz

A bit of a rest 

Hello Darling

He's got an admirer

Having a staring competition

To Bella's for lunch

And then to Bridport Art Centre for a browse (where the show Premieres on March 16th)

Kissy kissy
Off to the Red Brick Cafe for some scrumptious soup, tea and cake

One should admire ones self every now and again

Spot of window shopping

Interested peoples

And ended the day with a Waitrose shop

It's funny as it didn't hurt at the time whatsoever and was just a very funny experience... but I am planning to do it next Saturday too, so if you're around and about Bridport, come and say hi if you spot us!

Photos by Georgia Phoebe (my lovely sister!)

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