Monday, June 25, 2012

Right, Left & Centre...









1). We'd just arrived in La Chaussée (after a short flight and two hour car journey) and I had instantly taken to snapping away (as usual). you have... our legs.

2). A happy Autumn, collecting Poppy's (Her middle name). I really like taking pictures out of focus. I think it adds a different kind of aesthetic to the picture, than that of the flat pictures digital cameras sometimes take.

3). A dreamy Talulah, before they were asked to stop picking the flowers as we discovered they were someone's pride and joy! Errrrm...whoops!

4). A Rose. There's not much else to say. These photos aren't terribly inspiring to be honest, but it's a glimpse at our time away. There was plenty more going on around us that was extremely inspiring, (the vast amount of, and creativity of work Les Antliaclastes were making, was overwhelmingly inspiring and outstanding).

5). Hide and seek. I was convinced the cows (behind Tal) looked like Lions from the back.

6). Ah, another out of focus shot par moi. The Mr's head and a lamp made by one of the chaps at La Chaussée.

7). Bath time. The kids enjoyed their bath immensely after a long day travelling.

8). Pin-ball machine. We need to get one of these!

A very random selection of photos from when we were in France, but thought this poor blog was due an update. It's funny how back in January I had taken managing my time by the horns and was so on it, which was abruptly shot by the various amount of odd jobs I was offered right, left and centre.

And currently, I've just come out of the other side of all these odd jobs and shall (fingers crossed) have time on my hands again to manage everything. And maybe it's even time to make a schedule again.

Very annoyingly, another thing that hasn't had much attention is the documentary I was planning/making. It was a real boost to have all the support I had, but with the money making jobs getting in the way and taking the main stage over the first half of the year, I haven't had much choice, but to let it sit and stew. Now, in some ways it seems too late. I originally wanted to make it to promote the area and show people what a great place it is, but now it will have to change to a documentary about the process of it closing. Yep, the decision has now been made by the local Councillors and as far as I know, the plans to build houses there has been passed.

In some ways it would be nice to be a documentary about the whole thing. Right?

Other recent news... I have finally bought a potter's wheel. A wooden one! I have yet to get it to my house as it's somewhere up in Milton Keynes, but mind the gap (watch this space).


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Unknown said...

That is a shame, but at least the film will be there as a testament to what once was.

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