Monday, June 18, 2012

Les Antliaclastes



Hi from France!

For the last nine days we've been staying in a little place called La Chaussée, right in the middle of the countryside. The nearest town here is called Herisson, which translates into Hedgehog and we've been here while the Mr has been making music for the puppet theatre company, Les Antliaclastes, (which is under the direction of Patrick Sims).

The last time we saw these guys was pretty much two years ago in Marseille, where the Mr was working on the music for their show, The Snow Flea (or in French La Puce De Neige).

So I came along and took some snaps.

1). French branding (and words they use for products) crack me ups. Cereal called Smacks.

2). We have been finding lots of bugs here, there and everywhere!

3). We're all getting addicted to pin-ball. The next show the puppet company are working on, has a lot to do with pin-ball machines, so there's loads of them hanging around. Some of them half dismantled and really interesting to look at and others completely intact.

4). The insides of the dismantled pinball machines (at least this is what I think these are, but I may be mistaking them for the wrong innards).

5). The weather wasn't too great at the beginning of the week, so occupying the kids in different ways was very useful and involved quite a while collecting flowers.).

6). I was sat in the garden trying to start a new book I'd brought with me and suddenly heard very loud insect chirping noises and then I discovered these.

7). I was told they were crickets and very loud they were indeed.

8). When the wet weather would just not piss right off, we did a lot of drawing, sticking and colouring. A LOT.

Arrgh... the internet's slow and kids are pestering for food, so I'll have to cut this one short...



Trashsparkle said...

Its lovely that you've made the trip as a family... the girls are having a really cool childhood, and it looks like you're finding plenty of interesting things to see and do there. Like the blog redesign by the way! xx

Unknown said...

It looks like a great trip and that you are all enjoying it. Very cool.

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