Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't quite know where to begin.

We went.

We played.

We got reviewed.

In The Times.

And also here too. (Scroll down to The Thid Policeman)! Look! There's a little Moop mention, and about the masks too!!

We couldn't have asked for better really. The shows went very well indeed.

And here's the new tour poster:

Oh so many shows left! You can also look here for a gallery of photos, (by Claire Shovelton) of the second show we did in London.

We now have any empty(ish) house. The rest of The Gang of Rogues have retreated to their homelands. Think we're only just starting to feel slightly human again and drop back into reality.

So... this is a few little things we've been doing in the Phizmiz/Moopette household since getting back...

Eating HUGE strawberries
Cooking with my home grown chillies
And getting the kinder eggs ready for School
It's little boomeroo's first ever day at School next week!! And we shall be tying back Tally's new found thickest ever seven year old hair. We cut it short not so long ago and didn't expect it to spring up into such thick locks!

Some other little news... a good friend of mine is arriving today. That be Amie Willingale. This time last year, pretty much to the day, we went elderberry picking. We made some gin for Christmas time and it was wonderful. So we're going to be doing it again over the next few days.

Also, around this time last year we made this...

And I've got a few things up my sleeve, as I'd very much like to make another music video at the moment. So I might just rope dear sweet Amie into it again...

Ta ra for now!

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Lisa-Marie said...

How utterly brilliant! You both work so hard, it must be lovely to see it pay off!

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