Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's all go...

Some of the cast have arrived and more are coming within the next few days. It is now only 10 days until The Third Policeman premiere in London at Riverside Studios at Tete a Tete Opera Festival.

Still got little bits of making to do and the gentlemen are beginning with the rehearsals.

But here, is the process of the making of the last mask... well the last of the Policeman masks... still another little mask to make.

The second mask clean out the mould.
First coat of paint.
I love his nose.
Adding some bags and rosey cheeks.
Cheek shading.
Starting to look a wee bit like Chaplin... or Hitler.
Isn't he looking just beautiful?
Chin chin.
And here they are together, the lovely pair.

So what do you think of these lovely fellas? Are you going to come to the Premiere?

But lastly... here's one of the masks that I had to take back to the workshop to get his moustache put on. You can see his moustache waiting to be put on, on the table above.

Rather fitting... if you know what I mean...
I had to walk through Bridport market to get to the workshop and with it being the summer hols, it was very packed! I got lots of funny looks and laughs on my way by.

Well, hope to see you there! Do say hello if you happen to come along. The tickets are only £6 per show, so if you happen to live or be in London, it would be great if you came along.


P.S. What do you think of my new header too?

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