Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hallo from Rotterdam again...

Well hallo there.

I haven't been around for a very long time and it's been a very crazy and full 5-6 months.

Coincidentally though, I was talking all about the yodelling show (UOEIA) we were performing last year, in the very last blog post I did. And it just so happens that we're in Rotterdam again and this time we're here to make a pop-up book with Deplayer.

Here are a few photos of today's activities...

Laying the prototype pages out


And more!

The kids hard at work...

Table sitting

More table sitting and more helpers




We only arrived yesterday morning, straight off the over night ferry and on with the ideas/planning/techniques. Today was mostly elaborating on the basic ideas from yesterday's very basic "mock-up pop-up" and working on the more intricate designs of each page and figuring out how the pop-ups will actually work. We made quite good progress today and will begin with the proper printing tomorrow morning and begin making the 10-12 books (we had originally thought it was going to be 40 - but as we only have until Saturday 12 is much more realistic!) to be exhibited this coming Saturday at an event at Deplayer called (un)FOLD(ing).

So...that's that. And we're here. And you're there. And I'm going to be now. Night night.

All photos were taken by Koos Siep

1 comment:

Flora said...

Lovely to see what you're up to over there! Looks fun/hard work! xx

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