Sunday, November 11, 2012

Persepolis & Blackcurrant Liquorice Sweeties

We'd just come back from a jaunt around town, been to see the Dvd guy on the market, round a few charity shops and ended up in the old sweet shop. We went a little bit wild, but have thoroughly enjoyed the selection we got.

You can usually buy three Dvds for 10 quid, but as we have been regular customers since we moved to Bridport, he always gives us a pound in change. We all love going to see the Dvd stall. He's got a great selection.

I found Persepolis, which I haven't seen yet, but I got the book for my birthday last December and really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure I'd like the comic strip type of format, but I quite quickly forgot about how it was laid out and it quickly felt like I'd been reading a really in-depth book.

I'm currently sat sucking on a blackcurrant liquorice sweet (well, I was last night when I wrote this post!) that I remember my Grandfather used to constantly have a stash of in his pockets when I was three or four. Nice memories.

I remember he used to sneak me strips of chewing gum and my Yia Yia (Greek for Grandmother) used to tell him off. I also remember really liking the smell the of his box of cigarettes as he willingly let me sniff away. I still remember it now, the sweet tobacco-y kind of smell. He used to get told off for that too.

He didn't used to sneak me these, but I remember many a day sat in class, in Secondary School, with sweet bags full of these things and trying to sneak them into my mouth before the teacher saw. The atomic aniseed balls were the best though as they were really spicy.

Well, I've just been handed a plate of mushrooms on toast. That's my cue then.


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