Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi & Bye

Howdy one and all.

I think it's about time to admit to myself and anyone who does read this blog that it's fair time to say farewell for a little while.

It's a shame as this blog was a great inspiration to begin with but has now become a hindrance attached to guilt, which I can't be doing with really.

I've often thought of a post and taken many many photos, only to find weeks have gone by and whilst downloading the photos to my computer, I find them again and the moment has passed and there's no point.

In some ways I'm quite excited as I have plans for new films, I've just bought a pottery wheel and I'll be beginning to make the new props for the fella's new show next year, so I've got a lot to concentrate on. I wish I could've kept this all up, but there really hasn't been any time to, especially recently as we have all just got back from London, where we were performing Mike The Headless Chicken at Tête à Tête Opera Festival and had weeks of rehearsals, exactly as School broke up for summer.

I will most likely be back at some point, but want to be my anonymous little self for a while!

Thanks for all the support since I've been around.

Ta-ra for now!


Alastair Grant said...

take a look at tumblr - it's like twitter but with photos instead of pithy little comments. I find it very easy to maintain, far less work than a 'proper blog' that requires one to explain oneself.

Unknown said...

I'll miss your posts but it sounds like you are planning on lots of fun and busy times xx

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