Thursday, March 8, 2012

Foul Food Foto through the photocopy man...

T'other day the fella was asking where the saved file of the infamous flappy salmon foul food foto was. Which seemed abruptly random to me, but he wanted it to send to Thomas The Human Photocopier.
And here's the result:

How cool's that then?!! And here's the original...

You can find out all about Thomas The Human Photocopier in this here blog post. And follow the founder (Thomas Blatchford - Who was born from an egg on a mountain) on twitter here.

As far as I know... you can send requests and enquiries to  theblatchfordgallery at yahoo dot com dot au.

Oooooo what a lovely day it is. Must get on packing up the house, ironing stuff to give away, book keeping job and hit the washing pile.

Good day to you.

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