Thursday, February 2, 2012

Help Save the Art & Vintage Quarter in Bridport!! TODAY!!

The 3 top pics in the post are a selection of ones I took whilst doing an interview with the lady (Sharon) who owns The Old Albion...

Remember that lovely, charming and brilliant site I told you all about a few posts ago? St Michael's? The Art & Vintage Quarter that is a huge asset to the town (Bridport!), providing more than 100 jobs, continuing the creative and unique vibe of the town (and setting it aside from others), already has an existing fabulous community and is a largely popular place that has thousands of visitors all through the year from all walks of life...'s the place that may all possibly be demolished! The time is nearly up to place comments/objections on the West Dorset District Council website, to oppose this all happening and there's only today and tomorrow at the latest in which this can be done!!
From Old Albion
So it would be terribly marvellous if any of ye wonderful folk, whether or not you know Bridport and it's quirks, would comment on the site. The more comments and the more people the better!

From Old Albion

Below I have posted the e-mail I was forwarded from Kit Glaisyer...

"Please help us Save Bridport's unique Art & Vintage Quarter!

New plans have been submitted by Haywards, the owners of the St Michael's Trading Estate that would destroy our much-loved Vintage Quarter and lose over 60 jobs - in order to make way for a massive housing estate. However, several Bridport Councillors, the Chamber of Trade and the Development Trust have all stated that the St Michael's Trading Estate is an important employment site for the town, and that there are other, better, locations for new houses. It's now up to us to let the West Dorset Planning Committee know our feelings.

We only have until THIS Friday 3rd February to Comment / Object to the new plans
Please go to the WDDC website and click "Submit Comment"
(Make sure to check you receive confirmation of your submission)

You can get more information from our Facebook page "Save Bridport's Art & Vintage Quarter"

Early last year we offered to work with the Haywards to create a development that was sympathetic to the character and economy of Bridport - but they refused. So we have now come up with an alternative plan. Rather than knocking it down, we want to build on the success of the Art & Vintage Quarter, re-invest rental income in the estate,  improve the roads and provide more affordable units for skills training & small businesses. We have therefore formed a community-led Industrial & Providence Society, and intend to buy the trading estate from the Haywards. Please join our Facebook page if you would like to get involved."

A cosy little corner at The Red Brick Cafe
 I'm just about to go to the site and have a little say...

But if you can get involved and spread the word (I know it's a bit on the late side) if you know the little place or not, it could do with all the support it can get.

Plus I've just found a little blog with a blog post about this subject too, so you should check it out... The World from my Window

And here's another video someone has made about it too...

Follow the simple instructions!! :~}
And I am still making the documentary about the whole thing, but unfortunately slower than I'd like to. I went to film the meeting last week which at times got a little heated and I've had a chance here and there to do a few interviews. So I will hopefully have some of it wrapped up very soon!

Anyhow! Please write a little comment on the website above if you can even if you know nothing about it but you can appreciate a little place like this in the world, which needs fighting for to keep the magic and spirit alive in the town.


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umboody said...

Thanks for sharing the video and spreading the message. Can't believe they tried to sneak this under the radar!

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