Monday, January 23, 2012

Too many fingers in too many pies...

How do.

Those of you that are aware of the phrase of having your fingers in too many pies may have possibly encountered this, by... I'm guessing... having your fingers in too many pies. What a greedy bunch of pie eaters we are!
Our crazy stretchy cat, Marlene
Way back, when my last (blummin') post was... (I did want to post at least weekly, but so far greed and pies have got in the way) I had given up looking for a part time job, made myself a schedule and decided if I use my time wisely and am super-duper organised, I would get lots more off the ground and be mega creative (and stop the constant guilt and fed-up-ness).

Alas... within the second week of January I'd set up a studio to rent from the 1st of Feb for my ceramics, I now work in a sweet baby boutique a couple of days a week, I'm currently setting up running an ebay shop with a seller of antiques for which I'll be paid a commission, work in the little caff down at St Michael's now and again and of course the film I'm making for down there too.

So... too many pies... not quite enough fingers.

Vulnavia Vanity & myself on the way to Riverside Studios in the summer
But... it's fun, I'm meeting loads more great people, I'm still able to socialise and have a lovely time with my little family and friends, I'm making progress (slowly but surely) on the film, I've got a little "proper" job that'll be a nice little bit of regular money coming in and I'm working on a new realistic timetable.

A still from "Oobeeb"
I thought I'd give you a random selection of my online photos today... so there yee have it.

Oh and thanks ever so much for all the comments you all left about the documentary I'm making. It was really great to hear everyones perspective on it and I'm really glad that everyone generally said what I was thinking would be the best way to go about it. So far, I've only managed to film one interview, but I have another two this week. I've got a little niggle in my head, saying the word, ambitious a tiny bit, as there is a lot more to film and then there'll be huge amounts to edit through... (Must remember to put that in the timetable!). Hmmm... I'm sure it'll all work out, but a little bit worried the whole place would have already been demolished and rebuilt upon by the time I've finished...

Anyhow... I hope all your plans for the new year are going as smoothly as you all hoped too!!


Kerry Curl said...

I too have started 2012 with what I like to refer to as a 'portfolio' of ideas. I'm loving the variety but I am still trying to find the right way to time manage it all! I need to sit down and actually schedule time slots for things - a bit like a school time table! Good luck with it all :O)

Miss Moopette said...

That is exactly what I have done! A proper timetable, just like at School. I feel quite silly but I do also feel that it's eased my brain quite a lot!! Good luck with your time managing!! :~}

Unknown said...

I started the year far too fast with a an excess of ambition but am finding a pace I can stick to now! I hope your timetable helps you to do that!

Miss Moopette said...

I feel kind of like that too... but I also feel quite content and happy that I'm being more organised than I was. My head feels a lot less frantic and all over the place!! :~}

Thanks very much for your comments by the way ladies. x

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