Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Foul Food Foto Numero 5

There's been waaaay too many fishy things going on around this blog in the past month. 

Friday's Foul Food Foto Numero 2 seems to have been a hit, coming in with the most views of all of these disgusting treats. And just yesterday's blog post had a bit of a fishy ending too.

And apparently things come in three... or maybe they just should because people say it and prefer them to. 

So here you have it. Third fishy circumstance being a mackerel or two.

 And foul looking mackerel that it be. Reminds me of a David Attenborough programme where you saw a whale's carcass being eaten away at by a large amount of slimey hagfish. 

Enjoy your long weekend. And don't eat any hagfished mackerel while you're at it. 

1 comment:

Trashsparkle said...

Beautifully vile. With faces.... And fish with honey???

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