Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We need your help...

Artists. It's very lovely being in the creative industries. Both myself and my husband are. He's a composer - amongst many many many other things (who I've talked about now and again) and goes by the name of Ergo Phizmiz. For years we have managed to get by one way or another and often had workshop work, grants, residencies and commissions come our way (so we can live and feed our little bubbas).

 Hear the protest song here!! Dedicated to those beautiful people. Happy Shiny People. You can see the words here.

But things have changed. The wonderful, kind, lovely, giving people who run the Country have dramatically affected the Arts and now a huge massive majority of Artists are left like lost young goldfish going around and around and around in a dark bowl, constantly banging heads and not even knowing what their purpose be anymore.

I'm afraid I'm sick and tired of having to get little crappy jobs that pay pretty much nothing. £6 an hour... that's £3 for half an hour. And it sucks. Massive monkey bums! So thus end up spending all your time in the world, to earn a pittance and barely have enough to pay the extortionate bills, not spending hardly any precious time with your family & not get any further with a career of making something of yourself.

Just look at their little faces...

"Feed me mummy"

"We hate the Goverment where's some pennies for some chocolate??"
In other countries they support their artists by giving them free spaces to use and make their work. They fund them and give them masses of support. Here, well, here...just makes you not want to be here, doesn't it?! They basically stick their fingers up at us and say, "Be off with you marvellous creative, colourful energetically minded people, off with their heads".

So...a big thumbs down for the arts cuts. Even more of a thumbs down as our recent project proposal's been rejected, therefore making us go... "Oh me oh my, Oh me oh my" and walking around in circles like headless chickens and wondering, how I'm going to keep up my love for avocados and their expense??! Yep, cheers for that Mr Cameron & Mrs Clegg. 

Just look at them there, teasing me... mocking me.

 If you haven't seen this video about the cuts yet, please do! It's a very good watch and also very entertaining. And makes so much sense. 
It's all a bit late now to save the cuts... but here's where you can help...

Rich aunties, uncles, grannies & grandads beware!! We really need you!! We had originally applied through the Arts Council to fund an Opera, "The Third Policeman". And since we're not going to be getting any help whatsoever-diddly-squat from any funding, we're reaching out to everyday normal people. You can check out more details on the project here and support us here (Through Crowdfunder) whatever the amount, every penny counts and we can show those morons (Government) what we can do and what we're made of.

What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way for people to raise funding for exciting new projects by tapping into a 'crowd' of like minded individuals or supporters who pool their money together to back an idea, person or business and make it happen.

It's not a typical Opera by the way, by typical people. So don't expect any fat ladies. Here's a quote about it, that sums it up pretty well, "The opera will be funny, disturbing, catchy and deeply in the spirit of Dada. Imagine an opera filtered through Frank Sidebottom and Vic Reeves, with music one-foot in Monteverdi and the other in Captain Beefheart."

And here's where it will be showing.
The work has been offered a premiere at Tete-a-Tete: The Opera Festival in London in August 2011, with performances afterwards at ShutUp Comedy Club, Saltburn, UpItUp Records Liverpool, Bridport Literary Festival, and Soundart Radio, Dartington. It has been rejected Arts Council funding on rather spurious grounds.

Literary rights for the project have been arranged with A.M. Heath Ltd, who have agreed the rights for a 10% cut off box office takings.
The money from this funding will go towards the following:
* Covering costs and living expenses for the participating artists during writing & production
* Materials for the design and construction of the mise-en-scene
* Rehearsal space
* Travelling expenses for artists to rehearsals and all performances
* Printing of press materials and marketing

All the information you need about the project is here & here.
Please retweet, facebook, blog this and so on. We really do need your help.

Lets keep the Arts going!! 

And give these girls something to really celebrate!!

Hooooooooooooraaaay!! Pennies for chocolate!! :~}

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