Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Cornfield Jungle

I've been really enjoying the change of season. The crisp bitter air. The smell of smoke in the air. The imminent shower of rain. The darker evenings. And walks with my children in nearby cornfields.

There's something wonderful and intriguing about being amongst the scaffolding reeds. Swarms swaying above you. Bristling. Whistling. Whispering. Inviting and mysterious and eerie all in one. Yet playful and romantic and teasing and inviting.

Walking between the stalks, the leaves beating across your body like adoring fans with their arms outstretched. The slither and lick of the long leaves, slurping you up. And yet it could be an attack, a prison, claustrophobic and frightening. Breathless. Trapped. Surrounded. Swaying together. Swaying in harmony with you in their grasp.

Or a playful chase. A tease and a tickle and a promise of a stumbling kiss beyond the hidden depths with a sweetheart.

I love walking through cornfields...

Photography by Martha Moopette 

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