Monday, October 1, 2012


I love it. I love everything about it. I love that the weather's changed and it's time to pull out those scarves and hats from the back of the cupboard, start having bonfires and blustery walks amongst conkers and Sycamore tree seeds, that miraculously turn into flying helicopters.

There's something really alive about Autumn time for me. Something really magical and beautiful.

Sunday lunches seem even more appealing after a long walk in the woods. Wind whipped flushed faces and rosy cheeks. Crumbles and custard. The smell of bonfires in the air. The heavy sound of the rustling leaves in the trees. And the colours. Oh the colours. Burnt oranges, conkers and berries. Rust, crimson and emeralds.

And then...there's my Autumn. My wonderful, sweet little girl. Who, in actual fact is everything about Autumn. Ranging from the wild winds and storms to the comfort and warmth.

This weekend we'd intended to have a walk in the woods with friends and make some tea with their storm kettle, but unfortunately our little Autumn has had an awful stomach bug, which has rendered her stuck to the sofa the whole weekend.

So I suppose a downside to this time of year is the bugs going around when all the kids get back together after the Summer holidays.

Sleeping beauty

I actually wrote this yesterday and completely forgot to publish it!

 Oh and do pop over to the fella's blog to hear all about his new releases, including The Keystone Cut Ups which is an beautiful amalgamation of music and video by himself (Ergo Phizmiz) and People Like Us.

Isn't amalgamation a good word?!

Did you all have a good weekend? Here's hoping our next one doesn't involve ill children.


Unknown said...

I love this tribute to the season and your daughter. Beautiful. x

Flora said...

Oh she looks v. poorly, but still beautiful. Storm kettle is ready when you are xx

Miss Moopette said...

Thanks Siobhan. I do love it.

And Flo, that would be marv!! :~} Tal's been looking forward to it too.

P.S. Wish Auty didn't have to wear glasses all the can see much more of her little cute face when she's not wearing them.


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