Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making masks for an Opera

A little update on the masks... You may remember these previous posts about it HERE.

One is nearly finished. He still requires a large ginger moustache and eyebrows, but his look is pretty much finished otherwise.

And here's the process along the way...

Putting the resin and fibre glass into the mould

All of the sections of the mould together

And here he is!
So he needed a lot of picking at and scraping all the plaster from crevices and sanding down areas.

First coat of paint

I have completed more of it than this, but I'll leave that for another post. Next was to give him more punch-and-judy-esque colouring and make him look a bit battered and like an old wooden toy.

And here's the other mask's ceramic head after taking the plaster mould off.

Poor Policeman Pluck

The rest soon!


Lisa-Marie said...

This is brilliant Kate, you have such skill!

Miss Moopette said...

Thanks so much!! :~}

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