Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Third Policeman Opera Update

Well, it's all been going on here!

Unfortunately Friday's Foul Food Fotos at the moment are just going to have to come... when they come... so it can be a nice surprise when they do, as there's just too much going on at the moment to dedicate myself to it.

The mask I showed you last time is coming along very nicely. A plaster mould has already been made of it and this is what I got up to today...

Head in plaster.
Plaster front coming off.

And here the beauty is, ready to make the mask with.
He can breathe again.
But then I scraped his face away...
...to start Sergeant Pluck
I wanted him to be a lot thinner, so I pushed in his cheeks & added the paintbruch for his moustache.
Here he his! Although smiling too much... so I worked on him a bit more...
...but still wanted to keep the bulbous cheeks.
His nose reminds me of the child catcher.
That's a hell of a lot of spots! Think I got carried away a bit...

Some more news on the opera... we're on the Tête à Tête Opera Festival site! This is the first show, so if you're a London bunny, get your lovely selves down to see it and us. It's going to be amazing. Suppose I'm one of the Rogues... think they're right about that!

Here's a short clip to give you all a little peep into the world of Ergo Phizmiz's Opera, The Third Policeman.

And here's all the dates if you're elsewhere in the world and would like to catch a glimpse of it.

Click me to see!
On Thursday it should be time to actually make the masks and then on Friday I shall be painting them. Can't wait to see what they're like.

Two of the cast are coming over very soon and will be able to try them on. These include Erik Bumbledonk, who played Chris Evans in Phizmiz's last opera, The Mourning Show and Oblivian Substanshall who has just been released on Chinstrap by Ergo.

Talking of Oblivian Substanshall... has just reminded me of this little groovy number...

Ergo, Oblivian and myself... fed up one morning (see video description) found a CD of Abba... and got a bit carried away...

And last but not least!!!

I recently went to Soundart Radio and made some animations with a group of kids. Here is one of the videos made.

They worked really well and made this beautiful piece. There's lots more of these to come too.

Well... I'm off out for an evening bike ride now. Thankfully the sun's showing it's face.

Ta raaa.


Trashsparkle said...

Looks like its all coming together - what a busy time now and over the summer! Good luck with the production. Love the mad dancing - shall we swop a mad dance video for the foul food feature? ;) x

Ergo Phizmiz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Moopette said...

Hahaaa!! I'm not sure I could even keep that up really. Too time consuming and mucho to do!! :~} I will get back to it at some point though! x

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