Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wishful Thinking

I wasn't sure how to open up the first post after my nine days away, despite this special little treat, Friday's Foul Food Fotos.

But I've well and truly landed back in cyber space. So hello there from Moopette Maison all! Nice to be back.

Nine days without any internet or laptop to entertain me, I thought... Ace! Brilliant! Nine whole days while the Mr's away, kids at School during the day, I can get LOADS done. I can make this and that, organise this, be really creative, coffee with the ladies, bit of pampering, etc. etc. BUT sods law landed on my doorstep with a massive THUD(!!) in the form of a horrid flu that wiped out my little monkeys and knocked me down half way through the week too. So... no energy and two little poorly lassies to look after on me tod... Get ANYTHING done??! Hell no.

All I could muster up was the energy to do these... Titled "Wishful Thinking"...

And these...

Looking a bit shoddy as they need to be scanned rather than photographed, but ours is in scanner heaven.

So there you have it. In the whole nine days away... that was pretty much it. I envisaged my pretty blue craft desk spilling over the top with crafty makes and projects... but it wasn't to be.

However... remember this?? It's very exciting...

Yep! Fulcanelli's Shoes has finally been released in it's entirety. So please please check it ooot here which features the full length video (54.53) as well. Plus there's another very special page which is purely the music from Fulcanelli's Shoes... right about.... here.

So that's all marvellous and jolly.

Three little nitty-bits of Moop news. 

Well... Fanny Hatstand and myself were setting up a film festival with a food theme, to run alongside Bridport Food Festival. Unfortunately it's now postponed until next year's Food Festival, so we have much longer to focus on it and set it up. So MINDTHEGAP!!!

It's been long awaited by many... but one of these days I'm going to get round to finishing off the video of the event we curated, HowToSayTo, from a couple of weeks ago at Bridport Arts Centre.

And... last but very much not the least...

I love my new mug from Pam's for 30p!

I've been mentioning now and again a little idea I have... that I think and hope will really pick up and be... (ok ... no modesty here) .... flippin' floppin' ludicrously massive!

I think it's a very good idea... which has something to do with tea... however, you will have to wait and see! All I will say is that I LOVE TEA! So MINDTHIS(verybig)GAP!!!


I forget to floss said...

as a fellow frizzy lady, the first 'wishful' thinking made me :)

Lisa-Marie said...

Such cute, and 'real' drawings. We all have those sorts of thoughts I think! I am DYING to know what the surprise is!

Miss Moopette said...

I think I may do some more of these sketches. My brain's constantly in this phase! My name should be, "wishful thinking"!
Perhaps, maybe... I may even make some postcards of these designs for my shops... not sure whether to or not... hmmm... will have to think... it may just be wishful thinking!

The surprise will hopefully be here within the next month or so! Mindthegap! x

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