Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sketching the Heart of the Cat

Aaah, isn't the weather just lovely! I've heard it's going to change again. So I'll hold off buying a new straw hat and sunnies for now.

Been feeling really cheeky recently... think it's probably got something to do with Friday's Foul Food Fotos...

Probably looking a bit cheeky too, as I have sun burnt cheeks and am now sipping rosé wine in my sunroom.

Do you remember my sketches a few posts back?? Two in particular...

  Well my little sweet pea of a daughter, really liked them and wanted to have a go at her own...

By Talulah Lotus * Age 6

I think I'll hand over the pens and be done with sketching then... I really love her ones!!

And there's this one she did too...

Mummy's one

Talulah's one

And whilst we're on the subject of my beautiful daughter... here she is... with her first tooth finally out!


And here's a funny little something... me... about the same age. And just a little something to prove to all my family that, yes, my daughter doesn't just look like her daddy, like they all pretty much insist (except her daddy)! Grrrrrrr... no I don't have issues about this! Promise!! (They don't read this anyway! Wouldn't mind being proved wrong though...).

 Back to the talk about teeth. Teeth. Those shiny little (or large) things that chop through and mush up all our food. Those teeth that we hopefully want to have all through our lives without any problems. Those teeth that get stained with coffee, wine, etc etc. Those teeth that get stained with penicillin. Yep, that's right. Only recently this little lassie below by the name of Boomeroo (ok, it's her nickname!) was a poorly little munchkin and needed two doses of the banana flavoured antibiotics to get her back to her old self. I was completely freaked out a couple of days afterwards (around the time we found above daughter's wobbly tooth - then took pics of both kid's teeth) to find her teeth were yellow on the top parts near her gums. I shamefully went to my friends, head almost in hands, believing we hadn't been good enough at brushing her teeth, only to find a couple of weeks later, back at the docs, I asked about it and yep, it's all down to that sickly sweet yellow banana-y flavour peni-ya-whats-it's-job!

So I'm pleased to announce... it's finally fading! 


And now she can smile again without me grimacing at the thought of people thinking we're rather rubbish at brushing her teeth!

Ooooof this is getting to be a long post. Blibber-blabber mouth here, has too much to say as usual!

So anyhoo... here's a little something I've made recently. Was intended for our mother's for mother's day. However, they still sit on my recycled cake stand, waiting to be posted off. It's ok, they're used to me and my ways, so they know they await a wonderful surprise one day! (Perhaps in December!).

They're little magnets! I'm making them in brooches too, if requested! Available for very little pennies at my little shops on folksy & etsy.

Oh! I had a fantastic little find t'other day! (yep... I'm on one tonight... think it must be this rosé)... I was ever so excited to find a basket full of thimbles!! And just look at them! Wow right!?! There were more...loads more... but Mr Phizmiz was keen to get a beer with his leftover squids in his pocket (mine were bare) so I had to just put up with 3. I wanted them all!

I might just have to superglue them all to my fingers & have the best finger tips on the planet.

Look at the lovely behind the thimbles...

An old botany etching

Bloody beautiful, isn't it.

Suppose, as he's sat next to the laptop right now, (moved out of the sunroom and into my new made dining room) the cat is looking proudly smug and awaiting his moment of stardom ... so here he is, so accurately put, where every cat should sleep.

In the laundry basket...


Trashsparkle said...

Definitely cheeky - sneaking into charity shops and photographing food books! This Friday's one was very disturbing - I'd love to have seen the reactions of anyone who had that served up to them. Eeeeek to the news about penicillin yellowing teeth. Do we absorb it thru our teeth or something? It was always a waste of time me getting amoxycillin for the 12 year old - he hates bananas, so would gag at the taste of the stuff. Hope the tooth fairy was very generous to Tallulah with it being her first tooth!

Miss Moopette said...

A WHOLE pound... in change mind! I'd stupidly said before bed, "they might even give you a whole pound"... then discovered this wasn't going to be the case, unless it was lots of pieces of change!

I'm looking forward to going out this Friday and finding another good and proper foul one! Not sure how I'm going to top that last one though!

Tilia said...

Oh my god, I miss you guys! Talulah is still the most charming kid i've ever met! Hope that i can finally meet you guys again in the future!

Miss Moopette said...

Oh wow! Hello!!! :~} You will have to come and stay with us again sometime. Lovely to hear from you. We live on the mainland now. x

Tilia said...

I sent a mail to Dom, but I don't know if he got it. I dreamt about you again last night, and couldn't get you out of my head! I'm so curious about you guys!It would be lovely to meet you all again soon :)

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