Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plants in Bedpans, Mice in Bedrooms & Red Admirals

This week has been a very nice productive one. Which I am very pleased about. It's nice to blog it too, as I can keep up to date with what I'm doing and feel that I am actually using my time very wisely. Proud to announce this week I have mainly been doing these things...

A snippet of the project, 'Fulcanelli's Shoes' I am in the process of making with Ergo Phizmiz I'm very happy with how this film has turned out and pretty chuffed it has been reblogged a good many times.

And here's a very lovely photo taken by yours truly of the beautiful Vulnavia Vanity as Barbette.

Oh how beautiful you are Vulnavia/Barbette

 And this...

A little shop I have been planning to open for a good few months to sell a range of my wares, that I'm finally getting my head around to do, in amongst all the other crazy things my life throws at me. I'd hoped it would be done this week but work for Fulcanelli's Shoes is taking the front line as it is previewing in Dartington at Soundart Radio on February 5th and there's still plenty of the film left to do. And presently this afternoon, I will myself, be dressing up as Baron Munchausen for further work on the project.

It shall be done in the very near future though, with a range of porcelain dishes, wooden and pewter chopsticks & chopstick rests that I have previously made. I will be introducing sewn goods too at some point, as well as sketches and decorated gift boxes.

Last week the mister walked into our daughter's bedroom and was shocked to find the cat staring at a mouse, quite admiringly and apparently pretty much stroking it. Happy to announce we haven't seen it since, so wherever it had come in from, it has vanished back to, as there's been no sign of it. Quite pleasantly though we found this little lovely in the kid's room too, which the kids took to looking after. 

Red Admiral & Ginger Audrey.

Very sorry to say but little miss butterfly has gone off to the land of dead butterflies which broke my three year old's heart, telling us in a cracking voice, tears and all, that it had died. 

On a happy note though, they have been making spectacular drawings on their mega-sketchers.

Autumn's famous cat drawings

Talulah's amazing 'Ostriches or Sausages' drawing.

I was in need of repotting my plant in the bathroom to give it more room to grow and needed another pot to contain the water. On the fabulous market that takes place in our little town every week I found, what I think to be a bedpan. Appropriately placed in the bathroom of course too. Perfect colour and size. I think everyone is in need of bedpans for plant pots. 

Lovely bedpan, ain't it.

Getting a bit addicted to listing things on eBay at the moment, that I'm sure I'll be selling all the furniture once we've all got no clothes left... missymoopy

Well I had better continue now with my lazy Sunday... but not sure it will live up to it's name.

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Admin said...

I've got a money plant in a bedpan too! Random.

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