Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, this is it. I've been saying for quite a while that I wanted to start a blog and so.... it's finally here.

What exactly it's going to be about...well...pretty much everything. My film and craft works, interactions and lots of things I find appealing.

I can't get enough of satsumas and clementines at this time of year. There's always hope for one or two in your stocking, perhaps oozing bits of sweet juice on the Christmas nuts, (that you have no idea how to open, as you always lose the nutcracker after the 12 days of last year's Christmas). 

 With it being Christmas Eve's Eve tomorrow it's definitely time to make a ginger bread house with the kids and salt dough decorations for the tree. We've been merrily decorating the house with paper chains and paper snowflakes. The snowflakes are my favourite.

Heart Snowflake

Paper Chains

They actually took a while to figure out, as we didn't realise the folding would be so tricky, but after that we couldn't stop making them.

Autumn's Nativity Angel Wings


And yes...this is really one I made, not my 3 or 6 year old. However, this is the one and only I have made this year as I've been very lazy and roped my kids into making millions for friends and family, like little worn out elves.

Lastly, I was walking home quite late one night, a couple of hours after the late night Christmas market. All the stalls of mulled wine and festivities had gone, all except for this one giant snowball. It hadn't even been snowing that day and there was no other snow around nearby, from where it could've come from. I suspect it fell from the sky and zapped all the stalls into it's snowy labyrinth.

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